Polar Capital Holdings plc

Group Audited Results for the Twelve Months Ended 31 March 2024

Watch Gavin Rochussen, Chief Executive Officer, Samir Ayub, Chief Financial Officer, Sandy Black, Chief Investment Officer, and Iain Evans, Global Head of Distribution, present Polar Capital Holding’s full year results for the year ended 31 March 2024.

In the presentation they highlight fund performance and flows, provide a financial review of Polar Capital Holdings and give a strategy update.

AUM (31.03.24)
AUM (14.06.24)
Pre-tax profit
Core operating profit1
Adj. diluted total EPS1
Second interim dividend per share
FY total dividend per share

1. The non-GAAP alternative performance measures shown here are described and reconciled to IFRS measures in the Alternative Performance Measures (APM) section of the RNS.

The outlook is more constructive for risk assets such as equities with a continuing reduction in global inflation, interest rates peaking and central banks poised to ease monetary policy. Polar Capital has active, specialist and differentiated thematic, sector and regionally focused fund strategies with compelling long-term performance track records and significant remaining capacity.

While there remains geopolitical risk and a significant portion of the developed world population facing elections this year, our performance-led culture, strong balance sheet and improving sentiment for equities positions us well to continue performing for our clients and shareholders.